Charges Brought Against Paul

Text: Acts 24:1

Paul’s example shows us how to deal with false charges and persecution

The Charges

  • Causes division (Acts 24:5) — those who depart from the truth are the ones who cause the division, not the faithful (Jude 19)
  • Opposes the government (Acts 24:5) — Christians are to submit to the government (Romans 13:1), but only as long as we can do so without violating God’s law (Acts 5:29)
  • Opposes religion (Acts 24:6) — we follow God’s standard, not any religious standard of man

The Defense

  • Made cheerfully (Acts 24:10) — opportunity to teach
  • Facts are on our side (Acts 24:11-13) — truth has nothing to hide from open, honest investigation
  • Appeal to our character (Acts 24:16) — the key is that we must have a good character (1 Peter 4:15), like Paul (Acts 23:1)
  • Teach the truth (Acts 24:14-15, 20-21) — use every opportunity to teach the gospel

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