Standing Firm in the True Grace of God

True Grace (Part 9): Stand Firm in the True Grace of GodText: 1 Peter 5:12

Peter wrote about “the true grace of God.” However, his definition was not what the world’s definition would be. In this lesson, we are going to summarize what Peter wrote in his first epistle and see how we are to understand the important topic of grace.

Many Different Ideas About Grace

  • Misconceptions about grace in the first century – we can continue in sin so that grace will abound (Romans 6:1); grace is a license to sin (Jude 4)
  • Misconceptions about grace today – grace is unconditional; grace has not been extended to all; grace can be obtained outside of Christ

This Is the TRUE Grace of God

  • By grace we have a living hope (1:3) – possible through the resurrection of Christ; therefore, we must be born again (1:3) and remain faithful (1:9)
  • By grace we have been called to holiness (1:15-16) – redeemed by the blood of Christ (1:19); therefore, we must be obedient and not continue in sin (1:14)
  • By grace we have the living and enduring word of God (1:23) – the seed by which we are born again; therefore, we must obey it and grow by it (1:22; 2:2)
  • By grace we have been made living stones in a spiritual house (2:5) – Jesus is the cornerstone (2:6-8); therefore, we must recognize that we belong to the Lord (2:9) and offer acceptable sacrifices (2:5)
  • By grace we have been called to be like Christ (2:21-22) – He is the perfect example; therefore, we must do good (2:14), submit to God’s will (2:16), and endure suffering (2:20)
  • By grace we have been charged to seek peace with others (3:11) – necessary to enjoy God’s favor (3:12); therefore, we must show love toward others (4:8) and seek peace by speaking God’s word (4:11)
  • By grace we have been called to share the sufferings of Christ (4:13) – not something strange (4:12); therefore, we should rejoice in this (4:16) and make sure we maintain good works (3:17)
  • By grace we are able to resist the devil (5:9) – by remaining firm in our faith (5:9); therefore, we must humble ourselves before God and put our full faith and trust in Him (5:6-7)

Stand Firm in It

  • The NT emphasizes the need for Christians to stand firm (1 Corinthians 16:13; Ephesians 6:13; 2 Thessalonians 2:15) – this is necessary when we consider the “true grace of God
  • Those who have different ideas of grace will often charge us of ignoring grace – do not let them do this
  • Be willing and able to explain the truth about God’s grace (1 Peter 3:15; 4:11)
  • Do not be led astray into accepting a counterfeit grace offered by the world (Jude 4)


  • We are saved by grace – this message of grace is contained in the word of God
  • As Peter explained it, grace calls us to be obedient, holy, righteous, and free from sin
  • The religious world has other definitions of grace – but we must “stand firm” in “the true grace of God

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