What Is a Christian and Why Does It Matter?

Text: Revelation 2:9-10 The world is becoming more hostile toward “Christianity.” While we should certainly sympathize with those who suffer unjustly, the reality is that most news reports about those suffering for being Christians are not Christians in the New Testament sense. What does that mean? Why does it matter? This lesson will answer those questions. […]

Your Hands Made Me and Fashioned Me

Text: Psalm 119:73-80 Tenth stanza of Psalm 119 – This lesson focuses on God as our Creator, the giver of life. This should cause us to serve the Lord and do so in a certain way. Let us notice the connection between God being our Maker and our Master. God is Our Creator (v. 73) […]

Those Who Have No Right to Speak God’s Word

Text: Psalm 50:16-21 We sometimes hear celebrities, politicians, and other godless people quoting (or misquoting) the Bible to defend an unscriptural position. When we hear them, we might think, “What business do they have in speaking about the Bible?” God asked the same question in our text. There are certain ones who have no right […]

Who Is Affected By Sin?

Text: 1 Corinthians 5:1-6 Many choose to ignore sin – sadly, even some Christians do this. They ignore the sins of others because they believe it is between them and God. They ignore their own sins because they believe God’s grace will cover them. Yet sin is described in the Bible as pollution (Isaiah 24:5) because […]

“I Am a Stranger in the Earth”

Text: Psalm 119:17-24 Third stanza of Psalm 119 – This lesson considers how God’s word provides companionship for us. People value friendships, family relationships, being part of a community, etc. But often, we will be strangers, alone, outcasts, etc. God’s word provides comfort and guidance for us when we feel as the psalmist did – […]

“Make My Joy Complete”

Text: Philippians 2:2 One of the themes in Paul’s letter to Philippi is joy. In our text, he talked about his joy being made complete. This would be done if these brethren maintained unity – in mind, love, spirit, and purpose. Be of the Same Mind “Likeminded” (KJV) – common understanding Unity comes as a result of […]

Troublemakers in the Early Church

Text: Romans 14:19 Within the Lord’s church, we are to pursue peace. Unfortunately, not everyone does this. Furthermore, some from outside of the church try to cause trouble for Christians. This lesson looks at four examples of troublemakers in the early church to see what we can learn from them. Saul Saul was a persecutor (Acts […]