Amos the Herdsman

Amos was not popular – 5:10

  • He rebuked sin – 2:6-9; 4:1
  • He threatened their comfort – 6:1
  • He spoke of judgment and punishment – 7:7-9

Amos was not a prophet – 7:14

  • A prophet in the sense that he prophesied – 7:15
  • But he was not supported by men to be a prophet – 7:12,14

Amos was not the son of a prophet – 7:14

  • Not that his father was not a prophet
  • He did not receive any special training to be a prophet

How could Amos be so bold?

He was not a prophet

  • His livelihood was not dependent on being a prophet – he supported himself
  • He was not answerable to any man
  • He was doing the Lord’s work

He was not the son of a prophet

  • No special training, so no special ties to teachers or peers
  • No dependence upon others
  • All he had was God’s word

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