Lifting Up Our Soul to the Lord

Text: Psalm 25 This psalm is about our dependence upon God. We will notice three areas in which we are dependent upon Him. The psalmist explained this by describing himself as lifting up his soul to the Lord. This is a surrender to God – a complete trust in Him and confidence that he would not be ashamed. […]

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Text: Psalm 23 This psalm describes the Lord as our shepherd. This illustrates what He does and what He promises us. As we study this, we will see that we NEED a shepherd – not just any shepherd, but the Lord. The blessings He provides are far better than anything we could find elsewhere. We Are As Sheep If “the […]

The Ancient Paths in a Digital Age

Text: Jeremiah 6:16 God’s people had departed from His ways and were called to return to the “ancient paths.” Brethren echo this call – return to the word of God and follow His ways. Even with all of the changes/advancements in our society, this is still just as needed. The impact of the internet and social media […]

Two Sources of Revelation

Text: Psalm 19 This psalm is about God revealing Himself to men. He did this in two different ways – through the world around us (natural revelation) and through the word of God (special revelation). Both of these are important, but one has a distinct advantage over the other. Natural Revelation Creation tells of God’s glory […]

The Result of Following Your Heart

Text: Jeremiah 17 A popular idea in our modern culture is that we should “follow our heart.” While it is popular, it is not wise. God described the heart as “deceitful” and “desperately sick” (Jeremiah 17:9). In this lesson, we’re going to examine this chapter and see what happens when we follow our heart. Though we […]

Considering the Work of God

Text: Psalm 8:1-9 This psalm is about the greatness of God. The same phrase is used at the beginning and the end to serve as “bookends” – “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth.” His greatness is seen in what He has done and what He continues to do. […]

The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked

Text: Psalm 1:1-6 This psalm describes a contrast between two individuals – “the righteous” and “the wicked.” These two individuals have very different approaches to life. Because of this, they also have very different outcomes in the end. Let’s consider this contrast and see how we measure up. The Righteous Man He is blessed (v. 1) – […]