Through Many Tribulations (Part 3: Sacrifices)

Text: Acts 14:22 Paul and Barnabas encouraged the brethren to remain faithful to the Lord “through many tribulations” so they could reach the final reward of heaven. The kinds of tribulations that we may face could be unique to Christians or common to all people. Any of these tribulations could potentially derail our faith and […]

Then the Devil Comes

Text: Luke 8:11-12 In His explanation of the parable of the sower, Jesus described the time when “the devil comes.” There are various times when “the devil comes” to tempt us or to convince us to reject the truth. If we are to resist him, we would do well to note when he comes so we […]

“O Lord, Take My Life”

Text: 1 Kings 19:1-4 Elijah prayed to God, requesting that the Lord take his life. This was not a matter of depression (suicide), but a feeling of being worn out in his service to God. He prayed for relief – that his task on earth might be done. There may be times when we feel […]