Lessons from the Healing of Naaman

Text: 2 Kings 5

What can we learn from the people involved in this account?

The Servant Girl (v. 2-3)

  • She was concerned for the well-being of others
  • She wanted to be a good servant
  • She had faith in God
  • She spoke up

The King of Israel (v. 6-7)

  • He at least knew the limits of his power — “Am I God?
  • But he did not seek help from God or His prophet

Elisha (v. 8-10)

  • Sent word to the king without waiting to be called upon
  • Wanted to show there was a prophet in Israel — not for his glory, but for God’s
  • Did not come out to meet Naaman — message is same, regardless of messenger

Naaman (v. 11-14)

  • Initially rejected the message
  • His servant talked some sense into him — instructions are simple, just do it
  • When he obeyed, he was healed

Gehazi (v. 20-27)

  • Elisha refused to receive Naaman’s gifts (v. 15-16), but Gehazi decided to take something from Naaman
  • He thought this was only fair — we should be concerned with what is right, more than with what is fair
  • He lied to carry out his plan
  • He knew what he was doing was wrong — tried to hide it
  • He was punished for his sin

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