The “Miracle” of Birth

Text: Genesis 4:1

Two Ways in which God Can Operate

  • Directly — through miracles
  • Indirectly — through providence
  • Childbirth fits into the realm of providence, rather than the miraculous

Childbirth is Common

  • This is not to say that conception & childbirth are automatic & without risk of complications
  • But childbirth is common for all peoples, places, and generations since the beginning (Genesis 4:1)
  • Miracles are uncommon — childbirth is common because of God’s providence

Self-Sustaining Creation

  • God designed creation to be self-sustaining (2 Peter 3:4; Acts 14:15,17)
  • One of the things God ordained was that living things would reproduce after their kind (Genesis 1:12,21,24,28)

God’s Help in Childbirth (Genesis 4:1) — What has God provided to make childbirth possible?

  • God made male & female (Genesis 1:27)
  • God gave women the unique role of bearing children (1 Timothy 2:15)
  • God also gave women the ability to handle childbirth — there would be pain (Genesis 3:16), but women would not be unable to handle it


  • God plays a role in childbirth (Psalm 139:13; 22:9)
  • Yet He is not involved in the miraculous creation of each member of the human race — instead, by His providential design, each one of us was formed in the womb & born
  • God instructed man to be fruitful & multiply (Genesis 1:28) — through childbirth He has given the way for this to be done
  • It is a “witness” of God (Acts 14:15,17) — perfectly showing His wisdom & power to all generations & peoples

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