A Man of Integrity

Text: Job 31

A Covenant was Made (Job 31:1)

  • This requires understanding – knowing the difference between right & wrong
  • We must make a decision – once we know what is right, we must choose to do it
  • A covenant involves a long-term commitment – this is not a trend or a fad; our character is for a lifetime
  • It requires diligent execution – when you make a covenant, you promise to do some things and not do other things

Characteristics of the Man of Integrity

  • Purity (Job 31:1,9-11) – begins with the heart & what we allow ourselves to dwell on
  • Honesty (Job 31:5-6) – we must love the truth, speak truth, and walk in truth
  • Fairness (Job 31:13-15) – not to think of ourselves as being more important than others
  • Benevolence (Job 31:16-17,19-20) – seek to do good; do not only help those who could also help you
  • Humility (Job 31:25) – our possessions do not define us; remember your place before God

What the Man of Integrity Keeps Himself From

  • Trusting in riches (Job 31:24) – not to trust in riches, but in God
  • Rejoicing over the calamity of others (Job 31:29-30) – desire good for others, even for our enemies
  • Taking advantage of others (Job 31:38-39) – give others what we owe them; act with love

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