Trust, Delight, Commit

Text: Psalm 37:1-6

The theme of Psalm 37 is about trusting in the Lord despite the threats and prosperity of evildoers. This is discussed in various ways throughout the entire psalm. However, the first six verses provide a basic outline for us. We will use the first six verses as our outline and tie the rest of the psalm and other verses together.

Do Not Be Angry or Envious of Evildoers (v. 1)

  • It is easy to react wrongly toward those who do evil – to fret does not mean worry, but to burn with anger (cf. Exodus 32:10); envy is to be jealous of what the wicked man has (cf. Psalm 73:3)
  • Why are we tempted to do this? – the wicked are often prosperous (v. 7); at least the ones we notice
  • If we cannot control this, it will lead us to sin (v. 8; cf. Genesis 4:5-8)

The Wicked Will Wither Away (v. 2)

  • They will be cut off (v. 9, 38) – despite how it may appear in the moment
  • This is why we are not to be envious of their prosperity (v. 35-36) – it is better to fear the Lord (Ecclesiastes 8:12)
  • Their prosperity is short-lived (v. 10, 20) – our lives are a vapor (James 4:14); the prosperity of the wicked is not only short-lived, but often is over unexpectedly (Luke 12:16-21)

Trust in the Lord and Do Good (v. 3)

  • Trust in the Lord rather than the prosperity of the wicked – the righteous will be taken care of (v. 25; cf. Matthew 6:33; James 1:17); will dwell in the land forever (v. 29; cf. Matthew 5:5)
  • Depart from evil and do good (v. 27) – be humble (v. 11; cf. 1 Peter 4:19); be gracious (v. 21, 26; cf. Galatians 6:10; 2 Corinthians 8:3-5); be righteous (v. 29; cf. 1 John 3:7; Romans 1:16); speak wisdom and justice (v. 30; cf. 1 Peter 4:11; Ephesians 4:29)

Delight in the Lord (v. 4)

  • Delight means to enjoy the rich blessings given by the Lord – receiving the desires of our heart is not the “health and wealth” gospel (1 Timothy 6:3-5); if we delight in the Lord, rather than in the wealth of the wicked, God will provide lasting blessings
  • Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him (v. 7) – safety and security from the Lord (Proverbs 3:19-26)
  • Put the law of God within our heart (v. 31) – what we value is in our heart (Matthew 6:19-21)
  • Take refuge in Him (v. 39-40) – this leads to salvation

Commit Your Way to the Lord (v. 5)

  • Let your steps be established by the Lord (v. 23-24) – when we fall, we can get back up
  • The Lord knows the days of the blameless (v. 18-19) – at times, it may seem like the wicked are better off than the righteous (v. 16); yet the Lord will deliver the righteous through times of trouble (v. 18-19); the blameless will have a posterity (v. 37)

The Lord Will Do What Is Righteous and Just (v. 6)

  • The wicked may seek to do harm to us, but God will not forsake us (v. 12-15, 32-34) – the Lord laughs at the wicked (v. 13; cf. Psalm 2:1-4); you will see the wicked cut off (v. 34; cf. 2 Thessalonians 1:6-9)
  • The wicked will be broken, yet the righteous will be sustained (v. 17)
  • The Lord loves justice (v. 28) – therefore, the godly will not be forsaken (2 Thessalonians 1:5, 10)


  • Though it may be tempting at times, do not fret because of evildoers or be envious of them
  • Instead, trust in the Lord, delight in the Lord, and commit your way to the Lord
  • If we will do this, God will reward us because He will do what is right and just

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