Natural Revelation

Natural RevelationText: Psalm 19:1-6

Psalm 19 is a psalm about REVELATION – God revealing Himself and His will to us. The first part addresses NATURAL revelation – what is known through the natural world. There are certain things that the world around us shows us about God.

Creation Tells of God’s Glory (v. 1-2)

  • There is EVIDENCE for God in the natural world – the existence of a house means there must have been a builder (Hebrews 3:4); design demands a designer (basic principle)
  • The fact that this world EXISTS and is HIGHLY COMPLEX can only reasonably be explained by God – there must have been some higher power to create matter, form the universe, and produce life; scientists and others suggest other explanations for the origin of the universe and life, but they are unreasonable; the best explanation is God, an eternal being  who is infinitely powerful, wise, and loving
  • Characteristics of God are seen in creation (Romans 1:20) – so clearly that we are without excuse; His eternal power (existed before time, able to create something from nothing); His divine nature (able to create a complex, self-sustaining universe where we can prosper)

Revelation without Words (v. 3)

  • Natural revelation is not the same as special revelation – natural revelation is what God has revealed through the natural world; special revelation is what God has revealed through His word
  • Natural revelation is revelation WITHOUT words – therefore, information is LIMITED; we cannot know about things like the church or the plan of salvation from nature
  • However, because there are no words, there is also no language barrier – many languages means confusion (Genesis 11:6-9); this is not the case with natural revelation
  • This is why every culture throughout history has recognized the concept of some deity or higher power – in the Bible, all of the nations had “gods” they worshiped (Egypt, Canaan, Assyria, Babylon, etc.); there were also deities that people worshiped in China, India, the Americas, etc.

Gone Throughout All the Earth (v. 4)

  • This is for all to know – God wants to be known by the ones He created; He wants man to seek after Him and find Him (Acts 17:26-28); the blessings of the natural world are a witness to Him (Acts 14:16-17)
  • Everywhere man can be, he can know about God – He is impartial (cf. Acts 10:34); again, this is why every culture has recognized the concept of a deity/higher power

Fixed Natural Processes (v. 5-6)

  • When God created the world, He put in place certain natural processes/laws – He created the world to follow these laws perpetually (Genesis 8:22)
  • These natural processes/laws are a witness to Him (Acts 14:17) – both the righteous and the wicked enjoy His blessings (Matthew 5:45)
  • Sadly, many see this and ignore God (2 Peter 3:3-4) – instead of this, we must seek after God (Acts 17:27)


  • The natural world tells us about God – it is a testimony for His existence, power, and care for us
  • “Science” rejects God – yet it is more reasonable to believe in God than not
  • Understanding that God exists, we must seek to know His will and do it

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