After the Flood

Genesis 8:22Text: Genesis 8:18-19

The account of Noah and the ark is one of the most well-known events in the Bible. Children learn of the story growing up (Noah, his family, and the animals being saved from the flood in the ark). There are also lessons for us to learn as adults (punishment for sin, obedience to God’s commands, etc.). But what about the events AFTER the flood? There are some important lessons for us there as well.

Noah Went Out of the Ark (Genesis 8:18-19)

  • Several things happened before Noah left the ark – the rain stopped (8:2), the water receded (8:3), the ark came to rest (8:4), a raven was sent out (8:7), a dove was sent out three times (8:8-12), and Noah saw dry ground (8:13)
  • The timeline is important – Noah and his family had been in the ark ALMOST A YEAR when he saw dry ground (7:11; 8:13); yet they didn’t leave the ark until almost two months later (8:14)
  • What was Noah waiting for? – God’s instructions (8:15-19); this is a lesson on the need for authority (Colossians 3:17), not to do whatever seems right to us (Proverbs 14:12)

Noah Built an Altar (Genesis 8:20)

  • This was the first thing he did upon leaving the ark (8:18-20) – shows that it was a priority (cf. Matthew 6:33)
  • This was an expression of gratitude – for salvation (1 Peter 3:20) and physical blessings (James 1:17); God offers us salvation and material blessings today, so we are to offer service to Him with gratitude (Hebrews 12:28)
  • He sacrificed of EVERY clean animal and bird – complete; did not withhold anything; this is a lesson for us of the need to serve God wholeheartedly (Romans 12:1)

God’s Promise and Covenant (Genesis 8:21-22; 9:9-17)

  • God promised His ongoing providence (8:22) – He created a world in which we can survive (Acts 14:17); this promise was made despite man’s corruption (8:21); He blesses the righteous and the wicked (Matthew 5:45) because He loves us (Matthew 5:43-44; cf. 1 John 4:11)
  • He also made a promise regarding destruction (9:9-17) – He would never again destroy the earth BY WATER; however, it will be destroyed one day (2 Peter 3:6-10); [we discussed this in the previous lesson]

Noah Planted a Vineyard (9:20-21)

  • This is something we may overlook – it is a little detached from the rest of the events, but it is still important; it was included for a reason
  • By God’s providence, the vineyard was fruitful (8:22) – it acted as He created it (1:11-12); all of creation was “very good” (1:31)
  • But it is possible to abuse God’s blessings or use them improperly (Galatians 5:19-21) – drunkenness, sorcery, etc.


  • The Biblical account of Noah and the ark is important – but we should not forget what happened after the flood
  • Let us take these lessons to heart – serve God faithfully and put our full trust in Him

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