Thoughts on Citizenship

Text: Colossians 2:15

In His death, Jesus made a “public display” of the civil rulers and “put them to open shame” (ESV). The full force of civil authority was against Christ (Acts 4:26), and they failed. But Jesus didn’t abolish civil authority (Romans 13:1). Therefore, we may live as citizens of an earthly country, but we must keep everything in perspective.

Rights and Privileges of Citizenship

  • Citizenship in a country usually comes with certain advantages – no reason why Christians can’t take advantage of these
  • Paul took advantage of his Romans citizenship – to escape physical abuse (Acts 22:24-29); to get an opportunity to speak (Acts 21:39-40); to hold public officials accountable for violating his rights as a citizen (Acts 16:35-39); to appeal his case to Caesar (Acts 25:11-12)
  • We can take advantages of our citizenship in the U.S.

All Governments Will Eventually Fall

  • A crown does not endure to all generations (Proverbs 27:24)
  • Even great world powers fall (Daniel 2:36-43)

Christ’s Kingdom Will Endure Forever

  • Unlike the others, Christ’s kingdom would not be of earthly origin (Daniel 2:44-45)
  • The gates of Hades would not overpower it (Matthew 16:18-19)
  • The kingdom will remain until the end with Christ hands it over to the Father (1 Corinthians 15:24)

Our Citizenship is in Heaven

  • We certainly enjoy numerous blessings of citizenship in this country – be mindful of them, be thankful for them, and use them
  • But first and foremost our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20) – we eagerly wait for Christ’s return
  • We have a great reward waiting for us (1 Peter 1:4)
  • No matter what we have here, it cannot compare with what we will receive over there (Matthew 16:26)

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