God’s Marriage Law

Text: Mark 10:2-12

There is much confusion and controversy today about marriage. Many believe they can marry whoever they want, define marriage however they want, and end it whenever they want. God instituted marriage; therefore, His laws define and regulate marriage. This lesson considers what the Bible says about God’s marriage law.

Origin of Marriage

  • Marriage is from God (Mark 10:6-9) – God is the one who joins a couple in marriage
  • Established in the beginning (Mark 10:6; Genesis 2:24) – the woman was made specially for the man (Genesis 2:18, 21-22)
  • Predates civil government – first city and kingdom came later (Genesis 4:17; 10:8-10); marriage is not dependent upon government or defined by government
  • Predates society – marriage began in the Garden of Eden with just two people (Genesis 2:15-25); marriage is not defined by culture
  • Predates the Law of Moses – Pharisees tried to cite an “exception” in the Law of Moses (Mark 10:4; Deuteronomy 24:1-4); Jesus went to the beginning (Genesis 2:24), before the Law; the Law was given to the Jews (Romans 9:4), but marriage is for all men
  • Predates the church – the church was not established until the day of Pentecost (Acts 2); marriage is not a “church ordinance”

Eligibility for Marriage

  • Male and female (Mark 10:6-8) – one man and one woman; no same-sex “marriage” or polygamy
  • God “made them male and female” (Mark 10:6) – increased attention and acceptance today of “transgender” individuals; contrary to what God made
  • Not every male/female couple is eligible to marry under God’s law – eligibility for those who were never married (Mark 10:7), those whose spouse has died (Romans 7:2-3), and those who have put away their spouse for fornication (Matthew 19:9)
  • Those who marry, but are not eligible to marry, commit adultery (Matthew 19:9; Romans 7:3) – called adultery because the “marriage bond” is still intact, despite the physical separation

Process for Entering into Marriage

  • Intent to start a new household (Mark 10:7)
  • Vows/covenant (Malachi 2:14) – promises and commitments made to one another
  • Consummation of the marriage (Mark 10:8)
  • God joins the couple in marriage (Mark 10:9) – “marriage bond”; if a couple is not eligible to marry, God does not “join” them (Mark 6:17-18)

Ending Marriage

  • Natural way – death (Romans 7:2-3)
  • Authorized exception – put away one’s mate for fornication (Matthew 19:9); authorized, but not required; much to be said for reconciliation when possible
  • Divorce for other causes is sinful (Mark 10:9) – any subsequent marriage is adultery (Mark 10:11-12)


  • Marriage is a blessing from God (Proverbs 18:22) – but we must respect His laws for marriage (Hebrews 13:4)
  • As our society continues to attack marriage, let us be ready to defend the truth

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