The Fertile Fields of Sin in Sodom

Text: Ezekiel 16:49-50 “The men of Sodom were wicked exceedingly and sinners against the Lord” (Genesis 13:13). Their notable sin was homosexuality (Genesis 19:4-5) and this was why they were destroyed (Jude 7). But how did they reach that point? How has our country reached the point where it is today? The explanation is given […]

God’s Marriage Law

Text: Mark 10:2-12 There is much confusion and controversy today about marriage. Many believe they can marry whoever they want, define marriage however they want, and end it whenever they want. God instituted marriage; therefore, His laws define and regulate marriage. This lesson considers what the Bible says about God’s marriage law. Origin of Marriage Marriage […]

They Did Not Lay Their Hands on the Plunder

Text: Esther 9:5-10 When the king issued a decree which would allow the Jews to plunder their enemies, they did not take advantage of that permission. Their example provides us with a lesson showing that what is legal is not always right. Background Haman plotted to kill the Jews (Esther 3:6) Instead, he was killed (Esther 7:10) […]

The Entitlement Mentality

Text: Exodus 2:23-24; 13:3; 16:3 Our society has developed an “entitlement mentality” – particularly among the young, but anyone can be guilty of thinking that because they exist, they are “entitled” to certain things. The Israelites adopted this mindset in Egypt. Though they suffered and God delivered them, they often complained about not having what […]

Does God Want Us to be Happy?

People often try to excuse sin by saying, “I just think God would want me to be happy.” The reasoning is that is a certain behavior makes one happy, God must accept it, no matter what the Bible says, so we should accept the behavior too. We must ask the question: Does God want us […]

Did God Put Barack Obama in the White House?

Text: Daniel 4:17 Many Christians are disappointed in the outcome of the Presidential election. But many have concluded that it must have been God’s will for the President to be reelected. Daniel 4:17 is often cited on this point. However, these are different times. There were specific purposes and prophecies for nations in the Bible; […]

The Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Text: Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is an honorable institution and must be honored by all men. Yet man has disregarded & corrupted this institution in many ways – same-sex marriage is one example. As people are engaged in discussions about same-sex marriage, it is important for Christians to be prepared to teach & defend the truth […]