Turmoil in the Middle East

Text: Genesis 21:9-13 From the beginning, there has been strife between Isaac & Ishmael. It continues today between Jewish & Arab peoples. Misconceptions About the End Is Armageddon Coming? Common concept of Armageddon — armies of Christ & armies of nations gathered in Israel; one final, great battle Bible depiction of Armageddon — enemies of […]

Lessons from the Golden Calf

Text: Exodus 32 Do not think too highly of men (v. 1) – without Moses, they thought they could no longer serve God Sacrificing for a thing does not mean that thing is good (v. 2-4) Be willing to stand against what is popular (v. 1,4-5) Take responsibility for your own actions (v. 22) Religion […]

Exodus: Deliverance from Bondage

[All passages cited are from the book of Exodus unless otherwise indicated.] Bondage Oppressive slavery in Egypt – 1:8-22; 5:6-19 Unable to save themselves – 2:23-25; 14:10-12 God had a plan to deliver them – 3:6-10 Deliverance God demonstrated His power over Pharaoh – 9:16 Passover Lamb – 11:4-7; 12:3-7,12-13,29 Crossing the Red Sea – […]