The Lord’s Words to Peter

Text: John 21:15-23 In this passage, Jesus spoke directly to Peter about his responsibility and his future. Even though this was specifically given to this apostle, there are lessons for us to learn from it. “Do You Love Me?” Jesus asked this question three times in a row (John 21:15-17) – He was demanding a […]

Walking on Water

Text: Mark 14:22-33 “It Is a Ghost!” Faith is necessary (2 Corinthians 5:7) — but faith is not baseless (Hebrews 11:1) They had reason to conclude that they saw Jesus — already had seen Him perform miracles (Matthew 14:13-21) — but this was not their conclusion They concluded they were seeing a ghost — Why? […]

Escaping Death in the Book of Acts

Peter (Acts 12:1-4) James had already been executed (Acts 12:2), yet no sign of panic (sleeping – Acts 12:6) Importance of fellow Christians — the first place he went was to the place where fellow Christians were gathered (Acts 12:12) Importance of prayer — they were praying for Peter (Acts 12:5,12) Paul (Acts 9:23-25; 14:19-20) […]

Peter’s Commission

Text: John 21:15-19 Forget Past Mistakes – Peter made his share of mistakes, but he could not let them hinder his service to Christ in the future Feed the Flock – teach & lead others in the way of Christ Endure Persecution – Peter would eventually suffer death for his faith, he needed to be […]

Correcting the Over-Zealous

Sometimes we’re guilty of speaking or acting before knowing what God expects. A Woman’s Praise of Mary (Luke 11:27-28)] She directed praise & attention to Mary Jesus directed the focus on hearing & obeying the word of God A Dinner Guest’s Statement about the Kingdom (Luke 14:15) Stated how wonderful it would be to be […]

Turning Back to the World

Text: Luke 9:61-62 Notice the example of Peter who denied Christ. His example shows the progression of one who turns back to the world. Pride – Mark 14:27-31 Laziness – Mark 14:32-42 Cowardice – Mark 14:54 Worldliness – Mark 14:54 Denial – Mark 14:66-71