The Lord Is My Shepherd

Text: Psalm 23 This psalm describes the Lord as our shepherd. This illustrates what He does and what He promises us. As we study this, we will see that we NEED a shepherd – not just any shepherd, but the Lord. The blessings He provides are far better than anything we could find elsewhere. We Are As Sheep If “the […]

Lost Ones

Text: Luke 19:10 When Jesus met Zaccheus, He said He mission was to seek and save the lost. In Luke 15, He told three parables that related to this mission. The overall point was the same, but He used three different parables to make it. Why? Each one provides unique insight into the condition of […]

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Text: Psalm 23 This is Personal “The Lord is my shepherd” – we each have an individual responsibility to follow & please Him We should guard against being the one sheep who wanders off and is lost (Matthew 18:12-14) We must follow the Lord – not another shepherd, the other sheep, or our own way […]

The Good Shepherd

Text: John 10:11 What Makes Jesus the Good Shepherd? He calls His own sheep by name (John 10:3) He goes ahead of them (John 10:4) He provides an abundant life (John 10:10) He lays down His life for the sheep (John 10:11) No one can take His sheep away (John 10:28 Dangers that We Face […]

The Shepherd and the Sheep

Text: John 10:27 “My sheep hear My voice” “I know them” “They follow Me”