“Consider Your Ways!”

Text: Haggai 1:5

Haggai prophesied about the need to rebuild the temple. As the people were instructed to do this, they were also told to consider their ways. It is important for us to consider the lessons revealed by the prophet Haggai.

Do Not Make Excuses

  • The people were saying, “The time has not come…for the house of the Lord to be rebuilt” (v. 2) – Why? … previous opposition? lack of desire on their part?
  • God told them, “Consider your ways!” – if it was not time, the reason lied with them
  • Too often people are quick to make excuses as to why they cannot engage in spiritual works
  • Our call to action is from God – excuses for inaction are from man

Get Your Priorities in Order

  • The people said it was not time to rebuild the temple (v. 2) – but was it time for them to live in paneled houses? (v. 4) … who said so?
  • God’s question implies that they were unconcerned with the temple – they were comfortable enough to ignore it
  • God is not condemning them for enjoying a level of comfort – instead, He condemns them for their misplaced priorities (cf. Matthew 6:33)… why should their houses come first?
  • Having the right priorities requires work (v. 8) – not simply enough to think/talk about preferring God; our preference for God and spiritual things must be demonstrated in our actions (Luke 6:46)

Remember Your Dependence Upon God

  • They were comfortable, yet they were not blessed as richly as they could have been (v. 6, 9-11) – this was because of their failure to put God first [see previous point]
  • The point of these verses is not the “prosperity gospel” as some preach today – under the Old Law, prosperity was often connected to one’s obedience; not so today (1 Timothy 6:3-5)
  • But we must remember that our blessings come from God (James 1:17) – this ought to motivate us to serve Him (Romans 2:4)

Obey the Word of God

  • Upon receiving the instruction, they obeyed (v. 12) – no more excuses; no more putting themselves ahead of God; they simply obeyed
  • By their obedience they “showed reverence for the Lord” – not half-hearted service; but sincere
  • Reverence (fear) and obedience go hand in hand (Ecclesiastes 12:13) – we must also fear God and obey Him (Acts 10:34-35)


  • We have a responsibility to serve the Lord today
  • Do not make excuses… do not let anyone stand in your way… do not put your will ahead of God’s
  • Serve the Lord with reverence that you might be saved by Him

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