Hearing and Doing

Text: James 1:18-27 This lesson is the second in a series on the book of James. In this passage, we see the importance of hearing the word of God and receiving it in the right way. We also notice the necessity of obedience and doing what the word of God teaches us to do. God’s Will for […]

Where the Convenience Mentality Leads

Text: Acts 24:24-25 Our culture values convenience. Making things convenient can either be good or bad – could increase efficiency/productivity or leads to laziness/dependence. But because convenience is so valued, we (as a society) accept the negative things that come with it. This mentality (always seeking what is most convenient) is especially dangerous in the […]

Justified by Works

Text: James 2:21-24 James wrote about the connection between FAITH and WORKS. Many have difficulty understanding this – not that it’s difficult, but because they have been taught differently. James used the example of Abraham to show how we can be justified by works. Alleged Contradiction Paul – “man is justified by faith apart from works of […]

The Obedience That Is Required By God

Text: Philippians 2:12-13 The Scriptures are clear – the Lord expects His people to obey Him (Luke 6:46; John 14:15; Hebrews 5:9). Our text is another passage that emphasizes the need for obedience. This lesson will take a closer look at this passage and see how Paul describes the obedience that is required by God. […]

Joshua Circumcised the People

Text: Joshua 5:2-9 Just after crossing the Jordan River into the promised land, Joshua was told to circumcise the people. Why was this to be done? And what lessons can we learn from it that would apply today? The Circumcision of the Israelites Done after crossing the Jordan (Joshua 3), but before the conquest of […]

Joshua’s Challenge to the People

Text: Joshua 24:14 We remember Joshua’s famous statement: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” But what did serving the Lord include? What was he challenging the people to do? This lesson examines Joshua’s challenge to the people and see how it applies to us. Fear the Lord Reverence for God […]

“The Spirit is Willing, But the Flesh is Weak”

Text: Matthew 26:36-41 Shortly before His arrest, Jesus prayed to His Father in the Garden of Gethsemane. Peter, James, and John went with Him and were told to keep watch and pray; but they fell asleep. It is at this point that Jesus said, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” This statement […]