Shout Joyfully to the Lord

Text: Psalm 100 This psalm is about praising God. It begins with a universal call to praise Him. It gives us some insight into HOW we offer praise to God and describes some of the reasons WHY He is worthy of praise. Let us notice some of the things this psalm tells us about how […]

God’s Plan for Worship

Text: John 4:20-24 In this chapter, Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman by a well. One topic they discussed was worship. Jesus explained to her some basic principles about worship. This provides instruction for us as well. In this lesson, we’re going to look at what Jesus said and what He taught about God’s plan for worship. There are […]

Songs of Jesus

Text: Hebrews 2:12 Singing is one of the key components of our worship. Because of this, we find singing throughout the Bible – including in the New Testament. In this lesson, we are going to see what we can learn from certain songs – the songs of Jesus. The Song Before His Crucifixion (Matthew 26:30) […]

The Message of Malachi: Spiritual Indifference

Text: Malachi 1:10 In this series, we are going to do an overview of the Minor Prophets. The goal is to (1) understand the overall theme of each book and (2) see what lessons there are for us. In this lesson, we are going to see what we can learn from the book of Malachi. […]

A Day in Your Courts

Text: Psalm 84:10-12 This psalm describes the desire to be in the place where God would be worshiped. The desire for the psalmist for the “courts of the Lord” (Psalm 84:2) should be the same desire that we have. We should desire to be in the place where God is worshiped. The Comparison A day […]

Singing That Glorifies God

Text: Colossians 3:16 Singing is a way for us to praise and glorify God. It is a regular practice in our assemblies. If we are going to glorify God through our singing, it is important that we do it in the right way. In this lesson, we will consider some things about singing so that we might […]

What Should Characterize Our Giving?

Text: 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 Periodically, it is good for us to evaluate what we do in our service to God to make sure we are doing what we should do, with the right attitude, to be best of our abilities. In this lesson, we will look at one aspect of our service to God – our […]