God’s Plan for Worship

Text: John 4:20-24 In this chapter, Jesus spoke with a Samaritan woman by a well. One topic they discussed was worship. Jesus explained to her some basic principles about worship. This provides instruction for us as well. In this lesson, we’re going to look at what Jesus said and what He taught about God’s plan for worship. There are […]

Worship in Spirit and Truth

Text: John 4:24 Worshiping God is one of the great privileges we have as His people. He does not need our worship (Acts 17:24-25), but He desires our worship (John 4:23). However, just because He seeks worshipers does not mean He will accept just any worship we offer. In Jesus’ statement to the Samaritan woman, […]

Joshua’s Challenge to the People

Text: Joshua 24:14 We remember Joshua’s famous statement: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” But what did serving the Lord include? What was he challenging the people to do? This lesson examines Joshua’s challenge to the people and see how it applies to us. Fear the Lord Reverence for God […]

Hold Fast the Pattern

Text: 2 Timothy 1:13 There is a standard – New Testament; “sound words which you have heard from me” How carefully must we hold to the pattern? – Hebrews 8:5 What should be our attitude in holding to the pattern? – Faith and love