Lessons from the Shortest Psalm

Text: Psalm 117 This psalm is the shortest chapter in the Bible (two verses). Yet it contains some important lessons for us. God is Worthy of Praise This psalm begins and ends with a call to praise the Lord – glorify, honor, and worship Him What are we declaring when we worship and praise God? […]

What People Want and Don’t Want in Religion

Text: Colossians 2:20-23 Paul describes certain practices that fall under the category of “self-made religion,” or “will worship” (KJV). This is worship according to the will of man. People often want to be religious because it satisfies their conscience. But they want to be religious on their terms, not God’s. So in this lesson, we […]

Not Getting Anything Out of the Assembly

Text: Psalm 122:1 David expressed the attitude that we must have when it comes to assembling to worship the Lord – gladness. Unfortunately, many do not look forward to this – but they’ll blame others for their attitude. They will complain, become sporadic in their attendance, or quit assembling altogether. Often the excuse is this: […]

Lord’s Supper Questions

Text: Matthew 26:26-29 Can We Partake of the Lord’s Supper of a Day Other Than Sunday? We know the early Christians partook on Sunday (Acts 2:42; 20:7) – no other example; nothing to imply another day Basic principle of authority – when something is specified, everything else is excluded (Hebrews 7:14) Can the Lord’s Supper […]

After the Flood

Text: Genesis 8-9 Noah Went Out of the Ark (Genesis 8:18-19) What happened before he went out? (Genesis 8:1-13) — rain stopped (8:2), water receded (8:3), ark came to rest (8:4), sent out raven (8:7), sent out dove three times (8:8-12), saw dry ground (8:13) Notice the timeline — entered ark (7:1-4), rains came (7:11), […]

Commands, Traditions, Expedients, Innovations

Four Questions for Our Assemblies: Why do we do what we do in the assembly? … Commands — NT pattern, what has been revealed How do we do it? … Traditions — custom Is there a way we can do it better? … Expedients — improve what we do to be more effective Are there […]

Instructions About the Lord’s Supper

Text: 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 Origin of the Teaching Originated with Christ (Matthew 26:26-29) Received by Paul Delivered to the Corinthians Now they are being reminded A Simple Memorial Emblems — bread to represent Christ’s body, cup to represent Christ’s blood Observance — giving of thanks, brief comments, partaking Place — in the assembly (v. 18,20,33) […]