Question About Closed Communion

Text: 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 In the past, many churches practiced “closed communion” – offered the Lord’s Supper only to members in good standing. We sometimes have questions today about who can be served the Lord’s Supper. This lesson will consider what the New Testament says relating to this idea. Groups Under Consideration Visiting Christians (non-members) […]

Benefits of a Mid-Week Bible Study

Text: Psalm 122:1 The psalmist expressed gladness at the thought of going to the house of the Lord to worship. Obviously, there are differences between Jewish worship and our assemblies. But our attitude should be the same – assembling is a blessing, not a chore (cf. Malachi 1:13). Many congregations have mid-week Bible studies. These should be […]

Measures of a Sound Church

Text: 2 Timothy 1:13 We sometimes use the term “sound” to describe a local church. What does this mean? And what standard are we to use to indicate whether or not a church is sound? What Does It Mean for a Church to be Sound? The Greek word translated sound means to be well or in […]

Measures of a Sound Church

Some things that are not indicators of soundness: Large numbers – Matthew 7:13-14 A popular, well-liked preacher – John 15:18-19 A new, fancy building – John 4:21 A reputation of being a sound church – Revelation 3:1 Proper indicators of soundness: Holding fast the pattern – 2 Timothy 1:13 Preach the gospel without additions/subtractions/changes – […]