“Follow Me”

Text: Matthew 28:19 In the Great Commission, Jesus told His apostles to go out and make disciples. A disciple is a follower of Jesus. While on earth, Jesus also went out and made disciples. But while His apostles would tell people to follow Jesus, He would tell them, “Follow Me.” There are a few examples in the gospels […]

The Christian’s Education

Text: John 7:15 Many people in our society place a great emphasis on education. This is good. But what about our education as Christians? How are we to learn, train, grow, and develop as disciples? Let us consider what the Scriptures say. Modeled after Jesus During the Feast of Booths, Jesus went to Jerusalem and began to teach (John […]

Does Persecution Cause the Church to Grow?

Text: Acts 8:1-4 The early church faced much persecution. They also experienced a lot of growth. We don’t experience the same persecution today. We also don’t see the same rate of growth (generally). This has caused some to wonder if we might see more growth if we experienced persecution. So we’re going to consider the question: Does persecution […]

The Church as a Self-Edifying Body

Text: Ephesians 4:11-16 There are several ways that the church is described in the New Testament. One way is in our text – the church is a self-edifying body What does this mean? Why did the Lord give this role to the church? How is this role carried out? What Does This Mean? Body – this […]

Steps to Achieving Righteousness

Text: James 1:19-22 The book of James is filled with practical instructions for our lives as Christians. In our text, James discussed – in practical terms – how to be righteous. Our goal is to “achieve the righteousness of God.” How do we do that? James outlined four steps we can take to achieve righteousness. Be Quick […]

The New Birth

Text: John 3:3-7 When Jesus talked to Nicodemus, He told him of the need to be “born again.” There is a reason why Jesus used this analogy – there is a parallel between the new birth and physical birth. In this lesson, we are going to see what we need to understand about the new birth. […]

The Entrance into the Eternal Kingdom

Text: 2 Peter 1:5-11 After discussing the various qualities that we are to add to our faith, Peter concluded this discussion by reminding us of our ultimate goal – the reason why we are to continually grow in our faith. We Must Grow in These Things We need to possess these qualities – “if these qualities are […]