You Have Become Dull of Hearing

Text: Hebrews 5:11-6:3 The Hebrew writer paused a discussion of the parallels between the priesthoods of Melchizedek and Jesus because it was “hard to explain” (though certainly not impossible). The problem was not that the facts were difficult. The problem was that the people were “dull of hearing.” This problem affected more than just their understanding of […]


Text: Proverbs 24:21 The wise man warned about those who are “given to change.” These individuals want change for the sake of change. Sometimes change is good and necessary; sometimes it is not. Change is inherently part of progressivism – continue to move forward and not remain as or where we were. In this lesson, we […]

Contentment – What It Is and Is Not

Text: Philippians 4:11 The Bible stresses the importance of contentment in the lives of God’s people. However, we need to be sure we understand what contentment is. Many claim to be content, but in reality their condition may be better described as immaturity, disobedience, cowardice, laziness, apathy, etc. In this lesson, we will consider what the Bible says […]

One Another

Text: Romans 12:4-5 Paul told the saints in Rome that they were “members one of another.” They were part of the same body, which should lead them to act in a certain way toward each another. In this lesson, we will consider what Paul told the Christians in Rome about this. How they were to treat […]

The Needed Work of Elders

Text: Acts 14:23 As Paul returned from his first preaching tour, he and Barnabas visited the churches that had been established (Acts 14:21-23). As they visited, they “appointed elders…in every church.” In this example, we see that a church having elders should be a priority. This lesson will focus on the needed work of elders […]

Mediocre Christianity

Text: Revelation 3:15-19 The church in Laodicea was condemned for being “lukewarm.” They thought they were “in need of nothing,” but they needed to “be zealous and repent.” At times, we may be like the Laodiceans – not what we should be, but not completely unfaithful; not zealously serving God, but not willfully rejecting Him; […]

From Your Precepts I Get Understanding

Text: Psalm 119:97-104 Thirteenth stanza of Psalm 119 – God meant for His word to be understood. Not only can it be understood, it can be understood by anyone. Furthermore, if we have the right attitude, we can continue to progress in our understanding, even to the point that we surpass those who might generally be “older […]