Blessings of Teaching the Bible

Text: 1 Timothy 4:16 Christians have many opportunities to teach the Bible, even without teaching publicly before the church. There are several benefits from having the Bible as the subject of our teaching – also responsibilities/burdens [we will discuss these in the following lesson]. In this lesson, we will focus on the blessings of teaching the Bible. […]

The Goal of Our Instruction

Text: 1 Timothy 1:5 Why do we preach and teach the gospel? It is about more than just fulfilling a command or following the New Testament pattern. We are to preach and teach with a purpose. Paul told Timothy about “the goal of our instruction.” Love Agape – active love; putting the interests of others […]

The Lord’s Invitation

Text: Matthew 11:28-30 The Invitation – from the Lord, open to all, promise of rest Our Responsibility – come to Him, take on His yoke, learn from Him The Motivation – He is gentle and humble, we will find rest, His yoke is easy and His burden is light