Beatitudes in the Book of Revelation

Blessed are: Those Who Read & Hear – Revelation 1:3 Those Who Heed the Words of This Book – Revelation 22:7 Those Invited to the Marriage Supper – Revelation 19:9 Those Who Wash Their Robes – Revelation 22:14 Those Who Have a Part in the First Resurrection – Revelation 20:6 Those Who Stay Awake and […]

Good Followers

What does it take to be a good follower of Christ? Humility – Luke 9:23 Must Listen – Mark 4:9 Willingness to Obey – John 7:17 Know the One to Follow – John 10:27 Put Spiritual Things First – Luke 9:59-62

Doers of the Word

Text: James 1:17-25 Brought forth by the word (v. 17) Quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger (v. 19) Receive the word in humility (v. 21) Be doers, not merely hearers (v. 22-25)