The Foundation of Faith

Text: 2 Peter 1:5 In this passage, Peter discussed the need to add various virtues/qualities to our lives as Christians. While all of these are essential, they must be built upon a foundation of faith. In this lesson, we will discuss this foundation of faith. Define Faith Greek word (pistis) – “conviction of the truth of anything” (Thayer); […]

No Laughing Matter

Text: James 4:9 In our text, James contrasted two different attitudes people have toward God – one was careless joy, the other was sober humility. The phrase “no laughing matter” is used in response to someone who takes a light-hearted approach to a serious matter. This lesson will consider five examples of this in the Bible […]

What Is Not Impossible

Text: Luke 1:37 In the previous lesson, we discussed what the Bible describes as being impossible. On the other hand, there are certain things that are not impossible. In this lesson, we will consider some things that may seem impossible, but the Lord declares they are not. Not Impossible for the Son of God to Come […]

What Is Impossible

Text: Hebrews 6:18 Man is always thinking about possibilities – what could be, what might happen, etc. We dream about what might be possible and plan based upon what is impossible. The Bible also discusses possibilities and impossibilities. In this lesson, we are going to see what the Bible says is impossible. Impossible for God […]

Add to Your Faith

Text: 2 Peter 1:5-11 Peter mentioned several qualities that Christians are to possess. We will not gain these by accident or by miraculous divine intervention. We are told to add to our faith (2 Peter 1:5) and we must be diligent in this (2 Peter 1:10). So in this lesson, we are going to discuss […]

Faith, Hope, Love

Text: 1 Corinthians 13:13 This is a favorite Bible verse for many people. But many do not give much thought as to what a passage like this means in context. They just want it to mean whatever they want. In this lesson, we will take a closer look at this verse and see how we […]

Little Faith

Text: Matthew 8:10, 26 This is a follow-up lesson to the one about great faith. In this lesson, we will examine what it means to have little faith. All of us need to examine ourselves and see how we can improve. Little Faith Worries About the Things of This Life (Matthew 6:30-32) Jesus cited God’s providential care […]