Rejecting the Word of God

Text: Amos 7:7-17 There is a Standard (v. 7-9) The Message will be Rejected (v. 10-13) Amos’ Commission (v. 14-15) Consequences of Rejecting the Word of God (v. 16-17)

Testifying of Christ

Text: John 5:31-47 John the Baptist – John 1:29 Miracles – John 20:30-31 God the Father – Matthew 3:17; 17:5 Scripture – Galatians 3:24

Constants in a Changing World

The Nature of God – Malachi 3:6 The State of Man – Romans 3:23; Jeremiah 10:23 The Truth of God’s Word – John 17:17; Psalm 119:160 Application for Us: We must use the gospel to convert the lost We must hold fast the pattern We must not let our morality be shaped by our culture

Kindness & Severity of God

Text: Romans 11:17-24 Motivations to Faithfulness “Negative” Preaching – Jeremiah 1:9-10; 2 Timothy 4:2; Hebrews 10:26-31 Removing Part of the Message – Galatians 1:6-9 Both were Given for a Reason – Acts 20:27

Taking Away the Seed

Text: Luke 8:12 How does Satan take away the seed of God’s word? “We can’t understand the Bible” “One interpretation is just as good as another” “I have (or my family has) always done/believed this” “Grace will cover our sins regardless of what we do”

Inspiration of the Bible

The Bible Claims to be Inspired – 2 Timothy 3:16 Inspiration Makes the Bible Distinct from Every Other Book – Psalm 119:160 Satan Wants to Convince Christians that the Bible is not Inspired – Psalm 11:3; Romans 10:17 Effort Underway to Discredit Bible Inspiration What Is the Result of This? – Proverbs 14:12; 2 Thessalonians […]

A Famine in the Land

Text: Amos 8:11-14 The Necessity of God’s Word (v. 11) – that which sustains us What happens without the word of God? 1st Result: Confusion (v. 12) – realize something is missing and try to find it 2nd Result: Falling Away (v. 13) – even those who should have been the strongest 3rd Result: Lack […]