The Rise and Fall of the United States – A Biblical Perspective

Text: Isaiah 40:15 Lately, the U.S. seems to be in decline. Will this decline result in the inevitable fall of the U.S.? Nobody knows, but all of this has people asking questions. Does the U.S. hold a special place in God’s plan? Has God blessed the U.S. because of its founding upon biblical principles? Is […]

Three Sins, Trouble for Generations

Three Sins Abraham & Hagar – attempted to help God instead of waiting for His way (Genesis 16:1-2; 17:16-21) The Daughters of Lot – got their father drunk & laid with him to preserve their family (Genesis 19:31-36) Esau & His Birthright – despised his birthright, sold it to Jacob for a meal (Genesis 25:32,34) […]

What Have You Done?

Text: Genesis 3:13; 4:10 No Sin is Hidden from God God knew their sin even though they tried to hide from Him (Genesis 3:8) or deny it (Genesis 4:9) We cannot hide anything from Him (Hebrews 4:13) We are Responsible for Our Actions Adam and Eve both tried to shift the blame for their sin […]

The Sin of David

Text: 2 Samuel 11-12 David Committed Sin – 2 Samuel 11:1-5 David Covered Up His Sin – 2 Samuel 11:6-17,23-27 David Forgot His Sin – 2 Samuel 12:1-12 David Repented of His Sin – 2 Samuel 12:13; Psalm 51