Unlikely Converts

Text: James 2:1-4 Sometimes when we think of evangelism and converting the lost, we may have a picture in our minds of the type of person who would be receptive. If we’re not careful, we could subconsciously reject/overlook some who may have otherwise been interested (the single mother, the person with tattoos, the immigrant who speaks broken […]

The Road to Damascus

Text: Acts 9:1-9 In this lesson, we’re going to find one who was traveling the road to Damascus. As we travel down the road to Damascus, we will learn about converting the enemy. Many Enemies of Christ Are Religious Zealots Saul was on his way to Damascus in order to arrest Christians (v. 1-2) – he was extending […]


Text: Acts 3:19 In his second recorded gospel sermon, Peter told his audience to repent and be converted. What is conversion? In the New Testament, it is a change to follow Christ. In this lesson, we will notice three things that happen in our conversion – not just to see how conversion happens, but also to […]

Lessons from the Conversion of Apollos

Text: Acts 18:24-28 There are several accounts of conversion in the book of Acts. This lesson will focus on the conversion of Apollos. [For more of an explanation why this is an example of conversion, and not correcting an erring brother, refer to the article: Lessons from the Conversion of Apollos.] There are some important lessons for […]

Reasons to Rejoice

Text: Philippians 4:4 Why does Paul tell the brethren in Philippi to rejoice? It is easy to be distracted by the negative things in this life (Job 14:1), which are a threat to our spiritual wellbeing (Luke 8:14). We may suffer pain, endure hardship and loss, be persecuted, etc. We may not always be happy, […]

What Happened After Saul’s Conversion?

Text: Acts 9:18-26 He Took Food and was Strengthened (v. 19) Had been fasting & praying (v. 9,11) — sign of godly sorrow After baptism, his fast ended (v. 19) — Why? … his sins were forgiven in baptism (Acts 22:16) Important — this came after baptism, not after prayer He Began to Proclaim Jesus […]

Eager Hearers

Text: Acts 17:11 What Is an Eager Hearer? More than just wanting to listen Readiness or willingness of mind – James 1:21 Preaching to Eager Hearers This is the audience the truth teacher wants The false teacher cannot face the scrutiny of eager hearers What Do Eager Hearers Make? Disciples – Acts 17:12 Unity – […]