Remembering Jesus’ Words

Text: Luke 24:8 When the women came to Jesus’ tomb, they found it to be empty. Two angels explained why He was not there and told them that Jesus already spoke of this. At this point, “they remembered His words” and then told others. This passage reminds us of the importance of remembering Jesus’ words. In […]

How God Speaks to Us Today

Text: Hebrews 1:1-3 It is not uncommon to hear someone say that God told them or showed them something. We might be tempted to question their sincerity, but often those who claim this are very sincere. Has God given them some special, direct revelation? Might He do the same for us? The Bible explains how God speaks […]

Our Attitude Toward God’s Word

Text: Nehemiah 8:1-3 The book of Nehemiah records the effort to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. After it was completed, the people gathered together to hear the law read to them. This is an important passage to consider. It shows how to listen to, to speak, and to respond to God’s word. Attitude of the […]

Thankful for God’s Word

Text: Psalm 119:164 There are many things for which we can be thankful. In this lesson, we are going to talk about being thankful for God’s word. To Be Thankful, There Must Be… A giver – the giver of all good things is God (James 1:17) A recipient – one who is to receive the […]

The Thoughts of God and Man

Text: Isaiah 55:6-11 In discussing matters of religion/spirituality, many people base their view on what they think. The problem with basing our beliefs/practices on what we think is that we are not God. Even with the best of intentions, what we think does not justify us. Seek the Lord This is what all men have been called […]

The Enduring Word

Text: 1 Peter 1:22-2:3 In this lesson, we are going to consider the word of God and how it is connected to Peter’s theme of the grace of God. Obedience to the Truth (1:22) In discussing the “true grace of God” (1 Peter 5:12), Peter mentioned obedience; but not as the world does – he did […]

Burdens of Teaching the Bible

Text: James 3:1 The previous lesson focused on the blessings of teaching the Bible. We need to look at the “rest of the story” – not to discourage us from teaching, but we must recognize that there are burdens/responsibilities that come with this. So in this lesson, we will consider the burdens that come with teaching the […]