Counting the Cost

Text: Luke 14:27-33 In this passage, discipleship is not being discouraged, but Jesus is emphasizing he fact that we must understand what we are committing to by following Him. He used two illustrations to make His point – a man building a tower and a king going to battle. As we take a closer look […]

Why People Do Not Receive Jesus

Text: John 1:11 When Jesus came and preached to the Jews, many would not receive Him. Why? The gospel of John records several events showing reasons why people rejected Jesus. Many do not receive Jesus for the same reasons today. Let us notice a few of these. They Love Darkness (John 3:19-21) Jesus is the […]

Are We Truly Disciples of Christ?

Text: John 8:31-32 Many people claim to be disciples of Christ. But are they truly His disciples? Are we? When Jesus says, ‘then you are truly disciples of Mine,’ He implies that some are not true disciples. So this question is vitally important: Are we truly disciples of Christ? The context shows us what it […]

Preaching in Ephesus

Text: Acts 18:19-19:41 Interest in the Gospel (Acts 18:20; 19:10) Recognition of the Need for a Savior – John’s disciples, waiting for the Savior (Acts 19:1) Honest Hearers – Willing to change when presented with the truth (Acts 18:24-28; 19:1-7) Committed Disciples – Continued with Paul despite the opposition (Acts 19:9) Reasoned Preaching – Paul […]

Good Followers

What does it take to be a good follower of Christ? Humility – Luke 9:23 Must Listen – Mark 4:9 Willingness to Obey – John 7:17 Know the One to Follow – John 10:27 Put Spiritual Things First – Luke 9:59-62

The Beatitudes

Text: Matthew 5:3-12 Blessed are the poor in spirit (v. 3) – humility Blessed are those who mourn (v. 4) – sorrow for sin Blessed are the meek (v. 5) – patient endurance Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness (v. 6) – right by God’s standard Blessed are the merciful (v. 7) […]