Through Many Tribulations (Part 1: Loss)

Text: Acts 14:22 Paul and Barnabas encouraged the brethren to remain faithful to the Lord “through many tribulations” so they could reach the final reward of heaven. The kinds of tribulations that we may face could be unique to Christians or common to all people. Any of these tribulations could potentially derail our faith and […]

Some Things That Money Cannot Buy

Text: Hebrews 13:5 We live in a materialistic society. The problem is not money or the things it will buy, but our attitude toward these things. While money will buy a lot of things, there are some things that money cannot buy. It is important that we recognize the limits of money and, therefore, place our trust […]

Is Anyone Among You Sick?

Text: James 5:14 Pray to God The suffering are to pray (James 5:13) and can have others pray on their behalf (James 5:14) It’s possible that one may not regain health, despite fervent, ongoing prayer (1 John 5:14-15) Pray also has other benefits — reminds us of our reliance upon God (Matthew 6:7-8), peace of […]

Abundant Life

Text: John 10:10 What Jesus Does Not Promise: Financial Prosperity Good Health Healthy Relationships Peaceful Lives What Jesus Does Offer: Spiritual Life Eternal Life We Must Live a New Life