Problems with Premillennialism

Premillennialism says: Jesus Failed – Colossians 2:9 The Church was an Afterthought – Ephesians 3:10-11 The Church & Kingdom are Distinct from Each Other – Matthew 16:18-19 Prophecies went Unfulfilled – Deuteronomy 18:20-22 Symbolic Language is Literal – Revelation 20:4-6 The Kingdom is Physical in Nature – John 18:36 We Are Looking Forward to a […]

Beatitudes in the Book of Revelation

Blessed are: Those Who Read & Hear – Revelation 1:3 Those Who Heed the Words of This Book – Revelation 22:7 Those Invited to the Marriage Supper – Revelation 19:9 Those Who Wash Their Robes – Revelation 22:14 Those Who Have a Part in the First Resurrection – Revelation 20:6 Those Who Stay Awake and […]

The Wedding Feast

Text: Matthew 22:1-14 Preparations Were Made (v. 4) The Invitation Was Sent (v. 3-4) Some Will Reject the Invitation (v. 3,5-6) Some Will Respond Improperly to the Invitation (v. 11-13)

Jesus Discussing John

Text: Luke 7:18-28 Proof of Christ (v. 22) Miracles Poor have the gospel preached to them Work of John (v. 25-27) Sacrificed Prophet with a special mission Why Did People Go Out to the Wilderness? Not some ordinary thing (v. 24) Not to see someone “important” (v. 25) Came for the message John’s Place (v. […]

Peter’s Mistakes

Walking on Water (Matthew 14:25-31) – Doubt Hearing of Jesus’ Death (Matthew 16:21-23) – Tried to stand in the way of God’s plan Jesus’ Arrest (Matthew 26:51-56) – Misunderstood the nature of the kingdom and Jesus as Messiah (cf. John 18:36) Outside Jesus’ Trial (Matthew 26:69-75) – Denied Christ Paul’s Rebuke (Galatians 2:11-14) – Feared […]

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Text: Daniel 2:31-45 Citizenship – kingdoms rise and fall (Philippians 3:20) Prophecy – God’s kingdom would be established in the days of the Roman kings (Matthew 3:2; 4:17; Colossians 1:13) Kingdom – not a physical kingdom (John 18:36); the kingdom is the church (Matthew 16:18-19) Eternal Kingdom – God’s kingdom would never be destroyed (1 […]

The Beatitudes

Text: Matthew 5:3-12 Blessed are the poor in spirit (v. 3) – humility Blessed are those who mourn (v. 4) – sorrow for sin Blessed are the meek (v. 5) – patient endurance Blessed are those who hunger & thirst for righteousness (v. 6) – right by God’s standard Blessed are the merciful (v. 7) […]