God’s Plan for You

Text: Jeremiah 29:11 This verse is a favorite for many people. Yet it is important to note the context – the restoration of the Jews from Babylon after 70 years in captivity (v. 10, 14). But many take this verse, apply it to their lives, and assume that God must have a plan for every detail (jobs, homes, […]

All Spiritual Blessings in Christ

Text: Ephesians 1:3-14 There are many reasons to praise God. In our text, Paul emphasized the spiritual blessings that we have in Christ. Spiritual Blessings Predestination (v. 4-5) – tied to God’s foreknowledge (Romans 8:29); what God foreknew about the ones who would be predestined was their character; God predestined a specific class of people (holy and blameless) Grace […]

The Shepherd and the Sheep

Text: John 10:27 A shepherd provides guidance, sustenance, and protection for the sheep. No one is able to provide the same care for us as Jesus – the good shepherd (John 10:11) who willingly laid down His life for us (John 10:17-18). It is vitally important that we have Christ as our shepherd. How do […]

Stand Firm in the True Grace of God

Text: 1 Peter 5:12 Grace is a misunderstood topic among many in the religious world. Peter says his first epistle is a summary of “the true grace of God.” What is the true grace of God? We’ll notice some of the things Peter includes in this category in this lesson. We Have Been Chosen (1 […]

All Spiritual Blessings in Christ

Text: Ephesians 1:3-14 Spiritual Blessings Predestination (v. 4-5) — God was able to foreknow who would be saved: those who were holy and blameless Grace (v. 6) — God’s gift of salvation, given to us freely, not according to what we deserve Redemption (v. 7) — God purchased us, bought us back from our bondage […]


Tenets of Calvinism – TULIP Total Depravity – original sin; man unable to turn to God Unconditional Election – predestination; God picked certain specific people to be saved Limited Atonement – Christ’s death was only for the elect Irresistible Grace – the elect will be saved; cannot resist the grace of God Perseverance of the […]


Text: Ephesians 1:3-5; Romans 8:29-30 Has God predestined certain individuals to be saved, or a certain group to be saved? Passages used to defend the “individual predestination” doctrine – Ephesians 1:4-5; Romans 8:29-30; Nehemiah 9:7; Romans 9:10-13 (explain each) Consequences of the “individual predestination” doctrine: No reason to do good No reason to evangelize Makes […]