Patience and Judgment

Text: James 5:1-12 This lesson is the ninth in a series on the book of James. In this passage, James explained how we are to show fairness to others and patience in all things since we will be judged by the Lord. Show Justice toward Others (v. 1-6) James began this section by returning to a […]

Using Our Words

Text: James 3:1-12 This lesson is the fifth in a series on the book of James. In this passage, we find instructions about the words that we use. Much harm can come from our speech. Furthermore, the tongue cannot be tamed. Yet there is a way to ensure that our words are pure. Warning about Becoming Teachers […]

Some Things That Christians Cannot Do

Text: Matthew 5:14 There are many things that Christians SHOULD NOT do. However, the Bible also says that there are some things that Christians CANNOT do. In this lesson, we will focus on the points mentioned by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. We Cannot Be Hidden (Matthew 5:14) We are the “light of the world” […]

Our Bodies as Instruments of Righteousness

Text: Romans 6:12-14 Our bodies can be used one of two ways – either for God or for sin. How can we use the members of our bodies as instruments of righteousness? Let’s consider what the Bible says about how we can use the different parts of our bodies. Our Minds (Thinking) Must be set on God’s […]

Holy and Reverend Is His Name

Text: Psalm 111:9 In our text, the psalmist emphasized the importance of honoring the name of God. Yet too many people mock, disregard, or carelessly invoke the name of God. It is not common for Christians to openly disparage the name of God, but many do use it flippantly. It is important that we understand […]

By What Are We Justified?

Text: Romans 8:29-30 The concept of justification is of major importance in the gospel. But what does it mean to be justified? It means that God recognizes us as righteous or right before Him. This divine recognition is key – we cannot declare ourselves to be righteous, we are righteous if God labels us that […]

Cursing Kings in Your Bedroom

Text: Ecclesiastes 10:20 Solomon gave instructions about what we say about those in power (or in positions of influence). We live in a time of unpopular leaders, social media, and technology that allows for the monitoring of private conversations and communications. Therefore, this verse is an important one to remember. There are three points we will consider from this […]