The Evils of Alcohol

Text: Proverbs 23:29-35 Many have questions about the use of alcohol. We need to know what the Bible says about it. In this lesson, we are going to talk about the evils of alcohol. Negative Effects of Alcohol (Proverbs 23:29) Emotional (“Who has woe?“) – lamentation; emotional distress; ironically, many turn to alcohol as a way to […]

Those Who Have No Right to Speak God’s Word

Text: Psalm 50:16-21 We sometimes hear celebrities, politicians, and other godless people quoting (or misquoting) the Bible to defend an unscriptural position. When we hear them, we might think, “What business do they have in speaking about the Bible?” God asked the same question in our text. There are certain ones who have no right […]

Make No Provision for the Flesh

Text: Romans 13:13-14 When Paul told these brethren to “make no provision for the flesh,” there was a specific context. Paul warned against the lusts of the flesh (cf. James 1:14-15). To make no provision for the flesh is to not provide what is necessary for sin to enter and remain in our lives. How […]

Our Bodies as Instruments of Righteousness

Text: Romans 6:12-14 Our bodies can be used one of two ways – either for God or for sin. We are to present our bodies as living sacrifices to God (Romans 12:1). Our bodies are “for the Lord” (1 Corinthians 6:13) – a temple of the Spirit in which we are to glorify God (1 […]

Speaking Truth

Text: Proverbs 12:17-19 This passage outlines three reasons why it is important to speak the truth. Speaking Truth Imparts What is Right (v. 17) Truth is not an opinion – popular opinion / majority rule does not determine what is right Solomon contrasts one who “speaks truth” with a “false witness” – a witness testifies […]

Let No One Look Down on Your Youth

Text: 1 Timothy 4:12 The characteristics Paul mentions are necessary for all Christians, not just for a young evangelist like Timothy. But how can a young man keep others from looking down on his youth? He cannot control the thoughts of others. So he must control what is in his power to control. He must […]

Sins of the Tongue

James 3:2-8 If we cannot “tame the tongue,” (James 3:8), how can we control our speech? It is done by making sure our hearts are right (Proverbs 4:23; James 3:9-12). This lesson will address a few sins of the tongue and how to avoid them. False Teaching This is suggested in the immediate context (James […]