Holy and Reverend Is His Name

Text: Psalm 111:9 In our text, the psalmist emphasized the importance of honoring the name of God. Yet too many people mock, disregard, or carelessly invoke the name of God. It is not common for Christians to openly disparage the name of God, but many do use it flippantly. It is important that we understand […]

My Heart Stands in Awe of Your Words

Text: Psalm 119:161-168 Twenty-first stanza of Psalm 119 – In this lesson, we will focus on the idea of reverence. If we fear God, we should hold His word in the highest regard. This will cause us to respond to His word in a certain way. We Should Stand in Awe of God’s Words (Psalm 119:161) […]

Revived Through Righteousness

Text: Psalm 119:33-40 Fifth stanza of Psalm 119 – This lesson focuses on how God revives men. As should be expected in this psalm, the psalmist emphasizes the place of God’s word – and the righteousness that comes by following it – in this revival. Revival Comes by Following the Way of Righteousness (v. 37, 40) […]

The Proper View of Worship

Text: John 4:19-24 As Something Special With a Prepared Heart With Gladness With Reverence Realizing that God is Worthy