Suffering as a Christian

Text: 1 Peter 3:13-4:6, 12-16 In this lesson, we’re going to consider what Peter said about how we will suffer as a Christian. This is a reality that we will have to deal with and there are several reasons why we will suffer in this way. We May Suffer for Teaching the Truth (3:13-15) Who […]

Being Like Christ

Text: 1 Peter 2:11-25 Jesus is the perfect example for us. In our text, Peter explained how we are to be like Him in doing good, submitting to God, and enduring sufferings for His name. Be an Example to Others (v. 11-12) As aliens and strangers – this world is not our home (Philippians 3:20) […]

Troubles Along The Way

Text: Acts 19:8-9 With all of the good spoken about “the way,” in the New Testament, it is not all good. There are difficulties that come by following this path. The rewards of following “the way” are worth it, but we do need to see the complete picture. So in this lesson, we will discuss […]


Text: Hebrews 3:14-15 This is the eighth and final lesson in a series of lessons examining some great days in history – not in secular history, but days of spiritual importance. In this eighth lesson, we’re not going to keep moving further down a timeline (nothing past the day of eternity). Instead, we’re going to talk about today – […]

Through Many Tribulations (Part 4: Persecution)

Text: Acts 14:22 Paul and Barnabas encouraged the brethren to remain faithful to the Lord “through many tribulations” so they could reach the final reward of heaven. The kinds of tribulations that we may face could be unique to Christians or common to all people. Any of these tribulations could potentially derail our faith and […]

You Have Need of Endurance

Text: Hebrews 10:36 Endurance is a characteristic that we must have as Christians. But why is it so important? In this lesson, we will consider a few passages that explain why we need to have endurance. Note: We will notice a few different English words used in these verses (endurance, patience, perseverance), but they are […]

Contentment – What It Is and Is Not

Text: Philippians 4:11 The Bible stresses the importance of contentment in the lives of God’s people. However, we need to be sure we understand what contentment is. Many claim to be content, but in reality their condition may be better described as immaturity, disobedience, cowardice, laziness, apathy, etc. In this lesson, we will consider what the Bible says […]