The Law of Liberty

Text: James 1:25; 2:12 To many people, law and liberty are conflicting ideas. But James tied them together. Liberty, as it is used in the New Testament, is not a lack of law. Rather, liberty is found as we follow the law of Christ. Let us consider the two times James used the term and […]

What People Want and Don’t Want in Religion

Text: Colossians 2:20-23 Paul describes certain practices that fall under the category of “self-made religion,” or “will worship” (KJV). This is worship according to the will of man. People often want to be religious because it satisfies their conscience. But they want to be religious on their terms, not God’s. So in this lesson, we […]

Why Is Sin Wrong?

Text: 1 John 3:4 John said he wrote so that we “may not sin” (1 John 2:1). But what is sin? We have to know what sin is so we can avoid it. This lesson will address the basic Bible definition of sin and how sin is an objective and fixed standard. It will also […]

Accusations Against Truth Teachers

Text: John 15:18-21 Speaking the truth will make you the enemy of some (Galatians 4:16; Amos 5:10). Some made false accusations against Jesus (Matthew 9:32-34; 26:59). Jesus warned His disciples that it would happen to them. It happens to us today as well. This lesson will examine some of the accusations made against truth teachers […]

The Reign of Christ

Text: Psalm 110 The prophecy in this psalm helps to explain certain things about Christ, His kingdom, and His reign as king. Jesus Was Superior to David (v. 1) This psalm is clearly prophesying about Christ – David calls Jesus “Lord” (cf. Acts 2:34-36; Matthew 22:41-46) Jesus descended from David (Matthew 1:1), yet was David’s […]

What Makes Us Different?

Text: 1 Peter 2:9 God expects His people to be distinct. This not only means we will be distinct from the world, but His church will be distinct from the denominations. Though both will claim to follow Christ, there are great differences between them. The reason comes down to what we recognize and accept about […]

Rightly Dividing the Word

Text: 2 Timothy 2:15 Clear Distinction Between Old & New Laws Many people blur the lines between the OT & NT – yet the Bible presents a clear distinction between the two New & better covenant was coming (Jeremiah 31:31-34) – old was obsolete (Hebrews 8:13) Old law was nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:14) […]