The Sanctity of Life

Text: Genesis 9:6 The Scriptures teach that we are to respect life. Sadly, many do not. They disregard the lives of others – even their own lives. In this lesson, we will consider what the Bible says about the sanctity of life. We Are to Value Life Our physical lives are temporary (Psalm 90:10; James […]

Bible Lessons for Times of Civil Unrest

Text: Acts 21:30-36 During times of civil unrest, while specific details may vary in each situation, there are certain Biblical principles that we need to remember. Luke records a brief episode of civil unrest in Jerusalem (Acts 21:30-36) that was marked by violence, confusion, an increased military presence, and protests. Let us consider some Bible […]

Six Things That Pornography Users Do Not Want

Text: Matthew 5:27-29 Pornography is a huge problem in our society. Many Christians have fallen prey to it despite Jesus’ warning (Matthew 5:27-29). Jesus taught that lust is so destructive that we should go to extremes to remove opportunities to lust. The primary problem with pornography is lust. However, one can be guilty of lust […]

The Entitlement Mentality

Text: Exodus 2:23-24; 13:3; 16:3 Our society has developed an “entitlement mentality” – particularly among the young, but anyone can be guilty of thinking that because they exist, they are “entitled” to certain things. The Israelites adopted this mindset in Egypt. Though they suffered and God delivered them, they often complained about not having what […]

Growing Number of Single Moms Who Have Never Married

Text: Genesis 1:27-28 God designed marriage to be between a man and a woman, and that children would be born in this relationship. Our society has long been perverting God’s plan for marriage and the home. Example: Since 1960, the number of single mothers who have never married has risen from 4% to 44% (Pew […]

A Tax Collector and a Zealot

Text: Matthew 10:2-4 When Jesus sent out the twelve apostles on the “limited commission,” Matthew recorded their names. Aside from Judas who would betray Him, this record only provides us with information about previous activities for two men – Matthew the tax collector and Simon the Zealot. As we examine the differences between these two […]

The Fall of Babylon

Text: Revelation 18 The U.S. is becoming more of an immoral & godless country. Some have speculated that we are moving closer to the time when God will bring about this nation’s downfall. While we may be moving toward a downfall (Proverbs 14:34), we need to be careful about speculating too much about what God […]