Does the Church Lack?

Text: Ephesians 4:16 The church, as God designed it, is fully capable of carrying out the work that He has given it to do. Yet it is apparent that many practices that have become common in the religious world are not done by brethren. Many might assume it is because the church lacks money, personnel, […]

The Lord’s Church

Text: Matthew 16:18 This is the first in a series of lessons about different churches. There are many different churches in the religious world. We need to know why they are different and why that is important. In this lesson, we will look at the church that Jesus established – the one shown to us […]

Is Everything We Do Considered “Worship”?

Text: John 4:24 Jesus emphasized the need to worship God in spirit and truth (right attitude and right actions). However, while we might think of “worship” as a basic concept, some have attempted to redefine it. Some consider all of our lives as worship. If we are to worship God acceptably, we must understand what […]

Remember Your Creator

Text: Ecclesiastes 12:1 As the wise man began to close the book of Ecclesiastes, he made an appeal to the young: Remember your Creator. This is important for all, but particular emphasis is placed upon the young. Why is it important to remember God as our Creator? And how do we remember Him as such? […]

Let My Soul Live That It May Praise You

Text: Psalm 119:169-176 Twenty-second stanza of Psalm 119 – This final stanza focuses on the need to praise God because of His word. We considered this point a little bit in the previous lesson. This is a fitting conclusion to the study of Psalm 119. Given all that we have learned about God’s word, we should […]

Question About Closed Communion

Text: 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 In the past, many churches practiced “closed communion” – offered the Lord’s Supper only to members in good standing. We sometimes have questions today about who can be served the Lord’s Supper. This lesson will consider what the New Testament says relating to this idea. Groups Under Consideration Visiting Christians (non-members) […]

Do Not Exceed What Is Written

Text: 1 Corinthians 4:6 Paul had to address several problems in his first letter to Corinth. One had to do with them elevating men and regarding them as more important than they were. He used himself and Apollos as an example to teach them “not to exceed what is written.” His warning to them was […]