New Year’s Resolutions: Start, Stop, Improve

When people make New Year’s resolutions, they often start with these words – start exercising, stop smoking, improve spending habits, etc. It is good to improve all areas of our lives. But it is particularly important to improve our spiritual lives. In that regard, let us consider some resolutions for the new year. Start… Start Your Life in […]

A Basket of Summer Fruit

Text: Amos 8:1-2 Amos prophesied of judgment that was coming against Israel. The warnings about judgment and the reasons why it was coming are important for us to remember today. Significance of Divine Revelation “The Lord God showed me…” (Amos 8:1) – Amos made it clear that this message was revealed to him by God […]

Our Entertainment Culture

Our society is saturated with entertainment in various forms – movies, television, music, the internet, video games, sporting events, etc. Even during economic hardship, Americans are paying billions of dollars a year for movie tickets alone. While occasional entertainment may be fine, our consumption of it must be regulated by the Scriptures. In evaluating our […]

Did God Put Barack Obama in the White House?

Text: Daniel 4:17 Many Christians are disappointed in the outcome of the Presidential election. But many have concluded that it must have been God’s will for the President to be reelected. Daniel 4:17 is often cited on this point. However, these are different times. There were specific purposes and prophecies for nations in the Bible; […]

Burning Sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven

Text: Jeremiah 44:15-18 Jeremiah repeatedly condemned the people for the sin of idolatry. Here, they did not dispute the charges. They just refused to listen or acknowledge negative consequences of their behavior. Those who are caught up in false religions today do the same things – in their error, they refuse to accept certain things. […]

Those Who Make the Idols Will Be Like Them

Text: Psalm 135:15-18 Idols were condemned for the children of Israel (Exodus 20:3-5). God’s people must still guard against idols today (1 John 5:21). One of the dangers posed by idols is mentioned by the psalmist (Psalm 135:15-18). Idols are dumb, blind, deaf, and dead, and those who invent them will be like them. They […]

The Example of Those Who Fell in the Wilderness

Text: 1 Corinthians 10:1-12 Paul begins by reminding these Christians of the parallels between then and the Israelites (v. 1-4). But most died in the wilderness. We need to learn from their failings so we can avoid their sins. Do Not Crave Evil Things (v. 6) This was the fundamental problem that led to the […]